Vintage is an interior decorative paint from the Antiche Terre Fiorentine line that grew out of the decorative paint we call Original.

It contains different coloured floccules and is available in 8 base colours: Vanilla, Coral, Amber, Sea Breeze, Rosé, Lagoon, Parchment and Forest. These bases also contain a small amount of pearly micro-pigments that give the decorative paint a soft and shiny feel (the ‘Pearl Effect’).

Vintage offers a wide range of harmonious colours that allow you to create elegant shades with practically no effort at all, thanks to the ease with which this product can be applied.


Vintage is a decorative paint that belongs to the Classic group of products in Candis’ Antiche Terre Fiorentine line.

This product is completely water-based, semi-permeable, ecological and is made up of carefully selected raw materials. It is available in eight different colour families: Vanilla, Coral, Amber, Sea Breeze, Rosé, Lagoon, Parchment and Forest.

The painting process involves first applying a coat of Iridescent-Neutral base mixed with an appropriate ATF colour toner. Then, a brush and spatula are used to apply ATF Vintage (if necessary, mixed with a toner, as shown in the catalogue), in order to create the shades you are looking for.

In order to get the best results, the Iridescent – Neutral base (mixed with an ATF colour toner) should be applied with a paintbrush, a roller or sprayed on with a compressor. Two coats are recommended, the first diluted with 20-25% water, and the second with 15-20% water.