Tracce combines solutions designed to meet present-day needs with our best artistic traditions by drawing upon a cultural heritage that is the envy of the world. Tracce gives everyone the tools they need to express their creative potential – including materiality, plasticity of forms, a rich choice of colours, and ease of application – following in the wake of great Italian traditions that should not go lost, should not be forgotten.


Made of pulverised marble in a variety of particle sizes, lime putty and special additives, Tracce will readily adhere to any type of surface. Tracce creates a textured surface that lets you obtain unique designs and effects. With its mineral composition, it ensures outstanding resistance to moisture and ageing, and, notwithstanding its excellent breathability, it is water-repellent. Tracce is a lime putty based, highly breathable paint, creating unique effects in terms of texture, designs and decorations that are original and unprecedented.