Tracce Forma

Forma is a product of Tracce’s collection, a series of lime-based products that revisits in a modern way the beauty of wall decoration, expressed through the consistency and depth of effects. Tracce Forma is a lime-based decorative product which enables household walls to be upholstered with the most modern metropolitan trend vision: the concrete effect. It comes with eight contemporary colors, from classic grey to spicy pastel shades,
Combining its expressive power with a simple application. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to customize their home with a decorative effect.


The Manufacturer and the Distributor do not hold responsibility for any possible variation between different production lots of both products and toners. In order to avoid color variations on the surface it is strongly recommended to mix all the cans or the toners marked with different production lot numbers into a larger container prior to the application.
The information given herein reflects our best knowledge at the time of publication, nevertheless Candis shall not be liable for the application to the wall or the final decorative appearance of the product, since we have no control over product utilization conditions. It is advisable to perfom a test on a small panel prior to proceeding with the final application.