Sentiero is an interior decorative paint of the Antiche Terre Fiorentine line that looks to current trends in design. It is available in two different base colours, Maple and Mimosa, and offers a wide and unique selection of decorative options that can bathe any room in elegance.

Various effects can be achieved depending on the choice of colours you select for your walls. Colours tending towards blue and turquoise convey a sense of light and harmony, while softer shades like light grey and beige evoke a sensation of well-being and positive vibrations; bright red, orange and bright yellow stimulate yet another feeling, that of heat and warmth.

Sentiero also enhances the sense of depth and multidimensionality of a given space. The result is a truly modern decor, unique and in synch with the latest trends in interior design.


Sentiero is the new interior decoration of the Antiche Terre Fiorentine Candis line, belonging to Le Moderne family. Completely water based, averagely transpiring, ecologic and produced with a careful choice of raw materials, it is proposed in two different neutral bases: the first one containing yellow and black coloured floccules, the second with orange and red coloured floccules. The decorating cycle foresees the application on a wall that has a white ATF base and then spread over it two coats of the chosen neutral base added with 1 ATF toner as in the catalogue, with a grey plastic trowel. To obtain a deeper colour it is possible to colour the white ATF base with 2 ATF toners of the same colour, chosen to colour the base. It is also possible to apply the product with just one coat, obtaining a more “aggressive” effect and utilizing less of the obtained whitewash in this manner, letting also the ATF base (white or coloured), interact in the decoration. To obtain an excellent result, the ATF base must be applied with a pasting brush, a roller, or spray with the appropriate compressor. Two coats are advisable, the first, diluted with 20-25% water, and the second with 15-20%.

The application of the decorating product can be carried out by using a grey plastic trowel, a stainless steel trowel, with an ATF plastic spatula, and with a small brush in the most difficult points. The colour samples in this catalogue have been printed with the new patented “Print on real” system that allows visual and tactile reproductions to be obtained. They are the most similar to the original decoration, but must however be retained indicative.

The samples have been obtained (transposing them in the “Print on real” system) applying two coats of the decoration on the white ATF base with a grey plastic trowel, respecting the production range indicated in the table below, and mix with a toner for a 2.5 tin of neutral base.

The proposed decorations indicated in the catalogue are not exhaustive of the entire obtainable chromatic range. It is indeed possible to interchange the toners among the neutral bases and use them with quarter, half, one or two toner cuts.