Perlescente Prestige

Perlescente Prestige is a decorative paint that allows you to fill the rooms of your home with iridescent light tricks that change every time you observe the walls from a different angle.

The unique feature of this product is the presence of metallic powders that become “activated” by light as it filters into the rooms, causing the paint to vary its tone and create spectacular effects of shadow and chiaroscuro.

Perlescente Prestige is available in six different finishes: Arezzo, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto.

In line with the most advanced ecofriendly technologies emerging from Candis’ own research and development laboratories, Perlescente Prestige combines heightened beauty with the tough resistance that a wall needs to survive over the years.


Perlescente Prestige is completely water based, averagely transpiring and ecological product, manufactured with a careful selection of raw materials. The paints are available in two different decorative solutions: Perlescente and Prestige.

The decorating process is identical for both paints and involves applying an initial base coat of coloured Fondo primer to the wall, such as Fondo ATF Siena, (light brown), Fondo ATF Livorno (grey), Fondo ATF Arezzo (yellow), Fondo ATF Grosseto (red), Fondo ATF Lucca (blue), Fondo ATF Pisa (green), followed by the application over the primer of a coat of Perlescente or Prestige using an ATF brush. To obtain the best result, the coloured Fondo primer should be applied with a flat brush, roller, or sprayed with a suitable compressor.

Two coats of paint are recommended, the first diluted 20 – 25% with water and the second 15 – 20%. Powdered toners called “Perle di Luce” (Pearls of Light) are employed for Perlescente decorative paint, while liquid toners called “Perle Prestige” (Prestige Pearls) are used for Prestige.

“Perle di Luce” toners (6 different Pearl beads), as well as “Perle Prestige” toners (6 different Prestige Pearl beads), should be employed at the ratio of one toner per 2.5 litre can.