Milletoni Candis

Decorative paint product,water based and made up of one doughy matt paste (Base Opaca) and six different semi liquid base (Preziosi) of metallic aspect (oro, argento, ametista, zaffiro, acqua marina, topazio).FEATURESIt isan innovative decoration that allow to obtain valuable tones of colours and metallic effect on interior wall.Mille Toni is totally a water based product, it is solvent freeandthe choise to employ the row materialfollow a technologyd’avant-garde.Thanks to the specific characteristic used in production, the material is soft, doughy andits application isvery easy and quick.DESCRIPTION OF THE BASESThe product is composed oftwo different basis:1)Base opaca (Matt base)2)Base prezioso1)Base Opaca: the product is doughy. The consistence is semi-liquid, it is possible adding the toners or already colored, ready to use. It is water based wall covering containing antibacterial, antiphoamings, thickening agents, and stiren-acrylic polymers dispersed in a water solution.