Marmorino Fiorentino

Stucchi Fiorentini and Marmorino Fiorentino are interior decorative paints that belong to the “Le Classiche” family of products in Candis’ Antiche Terre Fiorentine line. They are nanostructured products made from high calcium lime that has been aged for a long time (CL 90-S, in compliance with the European Standard for Building Lime EN 459-1).

They have great filling power, are highly resistant to mould and bacteria and guarantee stability over time and high water vapour permeability.


The application procedure differs for each product.
A) Apply one coat of Stucco Primer.
B) Apply three coats of Stucco, making sure that the previous coat has fully dried (the first coat can be white or coloured, depending on the effect you wish to obtain).
C) Apply the Cera wax finish.

A) Apply one coat of Stucco Primer.
B) Apply one coat of white or coloured Marmorino (preferably the latter).
C) Apply two coats of coloured Stucco.
D) Apply the Cera wax finish.

In both procedures, the Stucco Primer can be applied with either a roller or brush, and it needs to be diluted with 30-40% water depending on the kind of surface.

The first coat of Stucco and Marmorino should be applied with a steel trowel, whereas the other two coats should be applied with a stainless steel trowel. Before applying a new coat, you must make sure that the previous one has dried completely (at least 8-12 hours). When these steps have been completed, you can apply the Cera wax with a soft sponge until it is fully absorbed.

When using either Stucco or Marmorino, make sure you remove any water that may have formed at the surface of the tin (a perfectly natural occurrence) before you add the Toner.