Maraviglia is a decorative product belonging to the Le Preziose family which is part of the Antiche Terre Fiorentine range.
Totally water-based, sufficiently breathable, eco-friendly and obtained from carefully selected raw materials, this product uses the Hoblio Metallic neutral base combined with Perla Maraviglia in one of its versions: Argento Mix, Rame and Oro (Silver, Copper and Gold).
In order to create the Maraviglia, the Hoblio Metallic neutral base is used in combination with the chosen toner(s) and Perla Maraviglia (in one of its Argento Mix, Rame and Oro hues) in the following ratio: one 125 g jar per 2.5 litre can of neutral base.
Hoblio Metallic is also available in 1.250 litre cans. For more detailed information, see the relative catalogue.
For optimal results, apply a white or colour ATF Base with a flat brush, a roller or by spraying with the aid of a suitable compressor.
It is advisable to apply the base as 2 coats, one diluted with 20%-25% water and the other with 15%-20% water.
Before proceeding with the application of the decorative product, make sure that the white or colour ATF Base previously applied to the wall is perfectly dry.
Pour Perla Maraviglia into the Hoblio Metallic neutral base and then add the chosen toner to obtain the colours as per the catalogue.
Mix the product with a spatula and then complete the process with a mechanical mixer, in that Perla Maraviglia comes in powder form. Accordingly, it is essential to make sure that it is thoroughly and effectively dispersed.
Using the Candis ATF brush, apply the decorative product with crosshatched strokes, ensuring that the paint is distributed evenly over the entire surface.
To avoid passing over previously painted areas, it is advisable to complete the whole surface in one go, without interruptions. However, if the painting process is suspended for a certain period of time, the decorative paint should be stirred in its can, possibly just manually, with a spatula, as Perla Maraviglia products tend to settle at the bottom of the can.
The suggestive Maraviglia decor will make your living space into a protagonist and the ideal fulcrum of the very idea of luminosity.