Lùmir is an innovative toner that enables the users to create a variety of new colour shades and decorative effects.
Lùmir toner comes in liquid form and may be readily added to Candis products (ONLY THE PRODUCTS SPECIFIED BY CANDIS) by mixing it in manually, or, preferably, with the aid of a mechanical mixer.
With the addition of Lùmir toner, once they have dried up on a wall, Candis decorative products will acquire new colour hues, new reflections and attractive light points, thereby giving the wall a finely decorated appearance and making it sensitive to the incidence of the light, for a more compelling decorative effect.
The decorative products for which Candis recommends the addition of Lùmir toner (as per the selection shown on the catalogue) include: ETNIKA, DIALOGUE AND LE VELATURE.
Add Lùmir to the Etnika product, either after adding the chosen toner or directly to the Etnika base as supplied, with no colouring toner, and mix thoroughly until homogeneous.
The mixing ratio (as per the tints shown on the catalogue) is 1 can of Lùmir toner to one 2.5 litre can of decorative product.
The decoration cycle starts with the application of the Pearlescent Base to the wall (as shown on the catalogue); for optimal results, apply this base with a roller, a flat brush or by spraying with the aid of a suitable compressor.
Using the Candis ATF brush, apply the decorative product with crosshatched strokes over an area of 1-2 m².
To obtain the characteristic chiaroscuro effect, after a few minutes, pass an empty brush over the painted surface. This effect can be enhanced by smoothing the surface with the Candis ATF trowel. Complete the decoration of the entire wall according to the same procedure.
To apply Le Velature and Dialogue paints, follow the relative instructions given in the catalogue and the DVD.
Lùmir does not alter the chemical-physical properties or the yield of the products it is added to: all these characteristics retain their effectiveness and remain the same.