L’ originale

L’Originale, from the Antiche Terre Fiorentine line, has revolutionized the world of decorative paints. For over 10 years now, it has been setting the trend in how colour is used in interior spaces.

L’Originale takes the aesthetic beauty of the Renaissance and adapts it to the needs of the contemporary world with application procedures that can be mastered by anyone. It is an environmentally-friendly product made from natural oxides and top quality resins in a water-based solution, and it “breathes life” into every room thanks to the extraordinary effects it allows you to create in an infinite variety of colour combinations. Let your imagination be your guide and fill your home with intriguing new sensations.

Let L’Originale surprise and move you!


The ATF Originale is a decoration of the Antiche Terre Fiorentine Candis line, belonging to Le Classiche family. Averagely transpiring and ecologic, it is a base of natural oxides and resins of a very high technological quality in a watery solution. The decorating cycle foresees the wall application on a white ATF base as supplied and over it, spread the ATF Originale, added to the ATF toner to create the desired tonality. Alternatively, it is possible to add ATF toners to the white ATF base and after, apply the ATF Originale as supplied (neutral base).

To get an excellent result, the white ATF base must be applied with a pasting brush, a roller, or spray with the appropriate compressor. Two coats are advisable, the first by diluting with 20-25% water, and the second with 15-20%. It is possible to use ATF toners with cuts of a quarter, half, one or two toners.