Antiche Terre Fiorentine Iridescenti is a prestigious and innovative decoration that remembers the charm and the extraordinary beauty of the antique palaces of the Italian art of the past, art appreciated and r efined all over the world for the decoration of the most sophisticated ambiances. Thanks to the special characteristic of Antiche Terre Fiorentin e Iridescenti, i.e. very easy and quick application, the walls in your vi llas, flats, offices will gain in a unique and sumptuous atmosphere rich in tones, nuances and delicate and prestigious I ridescent colors. All these incredible peculiarities are the p erfect result of the more than thirty years experience of Candis “Research and Development Department”. You can also lay on “Antiche Terre Fiorentine Iridescenti” on rustic surface ( like rough); in that case it will be sufficient to apply the product with a brush without using the spatula, it will be the hand of the decorator that will create the final decorative effect. PREPARATION OF THE SURFACE Before applying Antiche Terre Fiorentine Iridescenti it is necessary to prepare the surfaces as suggested below: NEWS AND/OR OLD WALLS: Accurately clean and sand the surfaces to be painted. First apply two coats of “Antiche Terre Fiorentine Iridescenti Ba secoat ” in the select ed color and then apply Antiche Terre Fiorentine Iridescenti. APPLICATION OF ANTICHE TERRE FIORENTINE IRIDESCENTI: The application cycle of Antiche Terre Fiorentine Iridescenti is the following : a) 2 coats of Antiche Terre Fiorentine Iridescenti Ba secoat in the selected color as the catalogue. b) To a pply the decoration Antiche Terre Fioren tine Iridescente using a brush CANDIS Antiche Terre Fiorentine and then smooth with a Spatula for Antiche Terre Fiorentine