Hoblio Metallic + Perle di Luce

  • Hoblio Metallic+ Perle Di Lçuce Candis

HOBLIO, in its 3 neutral bases (gold, silver, opaque)is a new decorative product to be introduced in the tradition of Candis decorative paints and belongs to the “ Le Etniche“ family. This product is appreciated both on the Italian and the International market because of its high decorative power, prestige, quality, application easiness and environmental respect. HOBLIO is therefore a new product that allows you to create new decorations and enrich your homes with elegance and harmony. HOBLIO, the new Candis water based decoration, is produced with an accurate selection of the raw materials used and is proposed in 3 different neutral bases: neutral gold base, neutral silverbase, neutral opaque base The 3 HOBLIO neutral bases, as shown in the catalogue, can be coloured with our colouring toners in the following proportion: one toner each 2.5 litres can. Our catalogue proposals are not exhaustive, but simply indicative of the colour possibilities, as well as the decorative combinations, therefore the toners can be interchanged in the different neutral bases (only for silver base and gold base), and it is possible to operate with toner cuts of or 2 toners. The application cycle includes the uncoloured) ATF white coat and the application, over the same of the gold or silver bases applied by brush (when the white coat is completely dried ; gold, silver and opaque bases additioned with the toners can also be used, so as to create the shades shownin the catalogue (or other possibilities