Etnika is a decorative paint from the Antiche Terre Fiorentine line that delicately refracts light to produce intriguing chiaroscuro effects and a rich depth of colour. This is possible thanks to its special water-based resins and natural raw materials.

Etnika is both ecological and washable, and it is also available in seven different base colours: Ethnic Bronze, Flamingo Copper, Antique Gold, Renaissance Gold, Pure Red, Antique Silver and Light Silver.

It only takes one brush coat to obtain an attractive decorative effect. However, if you want to push it to its full aesthetic potential, as soon as the paint starts to dry you need to rub it with a special plastic Candis trowel. The effect is magical and will give the walls of your house a silky look that actually feels like velvet!


Etnika is a decoration of the Antiche Terre Fiorentine line of Candis, belonging to Le Etniche family. Ecologic and washable, it is characterized by using water based resin and by particular natural raw materials that create delicate effects of light refraction. Composed of particular micro-particles, striking light-dark effects can be obtained, that to the touch, have a silky aspect and velvety sensation. Etnika is available in the following finishes: bronze, ethnic, Flemish copper, antique gold, Rennaissance gold, pure red, antique silver and light silver. The decorating cycle foresees the wall application on a white ATF base, and over it spread Etnika added to the ATF toner in the type and quantity indicated in this catalogue, with brush and trowel. Furthermore, to obtain a deeper colour, the white ATF base can be coloured with the same ATF toner, chosen for the final decoration, in the proportion of 1 toner for each 2.5 litre tin.

The type of chosen finish determines the specific toner to be mixed to the white base, or rather:

Ethnic bronze and Flemish copper
1 nr. 44 toner per tin of white base
Antique gold and antique silver
1 nr. 36 toner per tin of white base;
Renaissance gold
1 nr. 38 toner per tin of white base;
Pure red
1 nr. 43 toner per tin of white base
The light silver finish, used as it is supplied, needs a non coloured white base.

To get an excellent result, the white ATF base must be applied with a pasting brush, a roller, or spray with the appropriate compressor.

Two coats are advisable, the first by diluting with 20-25% water, and the second with 15-20%.