With Elisir, Candis intends to offer the decorative paints market a new and prestigious decorative possibility, a user-friendly application and an attractive economic return.
Elisir is a water-based decorative product which is applied immediately in a single coat, without requiring long and difficult wall preparation.
Elisir has been designed to give all users the possibility to prestigiously decorate the walls of their homes with a few brush strokes, effortlessly, with extreme ease and immediacy, achieving decoratively important results of high aesthetic value, and all within a short space of time.


Candis, world leader in decorative products, recommends putting Elisir to the test: a decorative choice which can enhance living spaces at a moderate price. Elisir affirms the concept of Italian style and beauty. It gives the possibility to try and experiment with an aesthetically flawless decorative result, which is easy to achieve, trendy and full of creativity.