TECHNICAL INFORMATION ANTICHE TERRE FIORENTINE – L ’ORIGINALE is the unique, prestigious and novel decoration which proposes again the charm and the extraordinary beauty of the Renaissance palaces of the Italian history of art, an art appreciated and sophisticated throughout the world for the decoration of the more elegant environments. Thanks to the special and unique characteristics of the ANTICHE TERRE FIORENTINE – L’ORIGINALE, namely easiness and rapidity of the application, walls of your villas, apartments , studios and offices will gain a unique, gorge ous and unrepeatable atmosphere. All these incredible characteristics are the result of the experience lasting for more than twenty years of the “Research and Development Department” of the Candis. PREPA RATION OF SURFACES TO BE TREATED Before applying ANT ICHE TERRE FIORENTINE – L’ORIGINALE, it is necessary to prepare the surfaces as suggested below: 1. New and/or old walls: C arefully clean surfaces to be treated by removing impurities, if any, and smooth over , if necessary. When needed, firstly apply a co at of C andis bonded coating , properly diluted, followed by two coats of ATF white base coat ; the n apply ANTICHE TERRE FIORENTINE – L’ORIGINALE