Dàlumak is a decorative product belonging to the Le Moderne family which is part of the Antiche Terre Fiorentine range by Candis. It is water-based and breathable, and is obtained from carefully selected raw materials. Dàlumak is proposed in 5 different Base versions (Red, Orange, Grey, Aqua and Brown) to which Candis colouring toners may be added.

The application cycle is as follows: if necessary, start by applying a coat of Candis Primer diluted with water according to a 1:6 ratio, then apply two coats of White ATF Base (Fondo ATF Bianco) , and then, when the base has dried properly, apply a finishing coat of Dàlumak using a brush and the grey plastic trowel by Candis.

The 5 Bases (as shown on the catalogue) may be applied directly to the wall without adding any colorant. However, if desired, to each of the five Bases you can add a colouring toner from the Candis line, according to the instructions given in the catalogue, and thereby create countless different tints.

The toner mixing ratio is: the quantity of colour toner specified in the catalogue per 2.5 litre can of DÀLUMAK Base.


Prior to proceeding with the application of Dàlumak, make sure that the White ATF Base is perfectly dry.

Dàlumak neutral bases must be stirred before use. If you want to add colour toner to one of the 5 neutral bases, use the amounts specified in the catalogue. Pour the chosen toner into the base and mix the product thoroughly, either manually or with a store type mechanical mixer set to low speed. Keep mixing for a few minutes until the colour is perfectly homogeneous.

After a few minutes (this length of time is indicative, depending on the greater or lesser absorption capacity of the wall, local climatic conditions, etc.), and in any event before the area painted previously has dried up to the point of not being workable, smoothen the area with the plastic trowel by Candis until you obtain the desired decorative effect.