Arabesque is a decorative paint that produces delicate movements of light and shades creating refined effects and natural shapes. Ecological and washable, Arabesque can be coloured using the entire range of the Antiche Terre Fiorentine toners.

The paint can be easily applied with a brush to produce an exquisite decorative effect. As soon as the product begins to dry, this effect can be emphasised by “stroking” the paint with the special plastic Candis trowel. Arabesque is decorative paint that enables you to enrich the walls of your home with the rhythms and proportions typical of the creativity of the Italian teachers of style combined with a renewed pursuit of ethnicity and globality.

Living spaces will become lively, dynamic, precious, in a word, unique!


Arabesque is a decorative paint of the Antiche Terre Fiorentine line of Candis, belonging to the Le Etniche family. This completely water-based, averagely transpiring and ecological product, which is produced through a careful selection of raw materials, is offered in a neutral base.

The decorating process involves applying at first the base coat Fondo ATF bianco, followed by the application of one coat of Arabesque with a brush. In order to create the desired colour tone, a coloured toner at the ratio of one toner per 2.5 litre must be added. For any further information, please refer to the instructions shown in the catalogue. Different quantities of toner, from a quarter or half, to one or two toners, can be employed. To obtain the best results, the base coat Fondo ATF Bianco should be applied with a flat brush, roller, or sprayed with a suitable compressor.

Two coats of base coat are recommended, the first diluted with 20-25% water and the second with 15-20%.