In the catalogue produced by Candis for its innovative Adamantia toner, users will find suggestions on how to obtain new decorative effects featuring special light points and glossy hues.

Adamantia toner comes in liquid form, for easier mixing into the chosen decorative product.

After adding the toner and mixing it thoroughly by either manual or mechanical methods, once applied to a wall and allowed to dry properly, the decorative product will show attractive reflections and light effects. Incident light, in fact, “lights up” Adamantia, giving the painted wall a shiny, dynamic quality.

The Adamantia catalogue is proposed with 1 can of Adamantia toner combined with a 2.5 lit. can of Hoblio Opaca neutral base.

Adamantia is fully compatible with all colouring toners and all Candis decorative products (with the sole exception of Gli Stucchi Fiorentini and Marmorino Fiorentino). Hence, the possible uses of the product are not limited to the combinations shown in the catalogue.


The Hoblio Opaca neutral base is a finished product and can be applied with the sole addition of a colouring toner (1 can of toner for 1 2.5 lit. can of Hoblio Opaca base). This achieves a highly decorative effect. The catalogue, by way of exemplification, shows colour examples of Hoblio Opaca base applied to a white ATF prime coat. To obtain greater uniformity and depth of the tint, you can use a primer colour that comes close to the chosen colour of the Hoblio Opaca finishing coat.

The further addition to the Hoblio Opaca base (besides the colouring toner) of the Adamantia toner (prior to applying the product to the wall) enhances the decorative effect by creating a network of shiny luminous points.

The procedure is as follows:

To the ( 2.5 lit.) Hoblio Opaca base, add a toner in the desired colour, according to the modalities shown in the catalogue (once stirred, the product will be ready to be applied and create the decoration shown on the last page of the catalogue). If desired, add 1 can of Adamantia toner and stir thoroughly to obtain complete colour homogeneity.

With the addition of the colouring toner and/or the Adamantia toner, the product is ready for application to a wall prepared with 2 coats of ATF Primer, whether white or coloured.

Candis recommends applying either 1 or 2 coats to obtain the coloured Hoblio Opaca finish, 2 coats for the Adamantia finish (coloured Hoblio Opaca base + Adamantia toner ).