Adamantia Mix

With Adamantia Mix, its brand-new presentation and colour selection, Candis wants to underscore the new stunning effects that may be achieved by making use of Adamantia light accents in conjunction with some decorative products already sold by Candis, such as “Pashmina”, “Vintage” and “Etnika Argento Light”. This addition will make the decorative products even more exclusive and prestigious, without altering in the least their chemical-physical properties such as ease of application, viscosity, colour and the like. Adamantia will only change the final appearance of the painted surface, making it more precious. For more details on yield, dilution, technical features of the product, preparation of the support and application, see the catalogues or the data sheets of the individual decorative products to which Adamantia may be added.


Adamantia toner comes as a silvery powder, which must be used in the proportion of 1 toner per 2.5 litre can of decorative product. After identifying and selecting the desired decorative product from the catalogue, follow the indications on additions and paint preparations given under the colour sample, if any.

Add the required proportion of Adamantia toner and ensure it is evenly and homogenously distributed by mixing the product manually with a spatula or, better still, with a mechanical stirrer until the Adamantia toner is perfectly mixed into the decorative product of your choice.