15 Toni

Candis presents 15 new shades (colour toner) matching them with a selection of Candis decorative
products to bring out the best of the new colour nuances.
The existing shades have been enriched by another 15 to substantially expand the colour range of the
Candis decorative products, giving customers more choice, allowing them to keep pace with the new colour
trends and be in greater harmony with the contemporary world.
The new toners have been designed to complete and match the following Candis decorative products:
Arabesque, ATF – L’Originale (The Original), Adamantia, Hoblio Base Argento (Silver base), Hoblio Base Oro
(Gold Base), Hoblio Rustico Base Metallic (Rustic Metallic Base).
Technically, it is also possible to add the toner to the other decorative products by Candis. We recommend
that the interested user performs a preliminary test to assess the final aesthetic appearance, since it is
impossible to show everything in the catalogue.
The 250 ml jars have reference notches, to be able to dose the addition of colouring toner with volume
variations of 1 quarter of the possible shade: hence the gradations in the different products are 1/4, 1/2
and 3/4 of the total toner.
If desired, this creates the possibility for each decorative product to have a gradual degree of colour
intensity in the same colour shade.
The examples shown have been obtained with the proportions of 1 jar of colouring toner (250ml) to 1 x 2.5
L tin of the neutral decorative product to colour.