Candis began doing business as far back as 1969 thanks to the clear
entrepreneurial mindset of its founder, Alberto Gilli,
whose far-reaching vision enabled him to recognize a thriving business
in the field of decorative paints.
It was a new sector but one that he knew would yield extensive
opportunities. The decoration of interior spaces reflects who we are as
individuals, revealing our accomplishments and passions, and Candis
has become a key player in providing a vast range of options to satisfy
these specific needs.
For about twenty years, Candis focused its activity primarily on foreign
markets. Then in 1990, the company established itself as a leader in
the Italian market thanks in particular to Antiche Terre Fiorentine, the
product that set the standard for the entire field of decorative paints.
From that point on, there has been a succession of ambitious goals and
major accomplishments.